The work of Michael Maglaras & Terri Templeton

Stage on Screen Features Film on the Arts of the Gilded Age

On Sunday, October 8th and Monday, October 9th, the Old Greenbelt Theatre in Greenbelt, Maryland will show our film America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age as part of its popular Stage on Screen series.  Tickets can be purchased at this link.  Excerpts from the film can be viewed here. America Rising: The Arts of the […]

Now on DVD — America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age

“America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age” is now available on DVD and can be purchased through Amazon at this link.  Featuring the only known film footage of Mark Twain, who gave “The Gilded Age” its name, “America Rising” tells the story of how, after the Civil War, American art and American artists came into […]

Shooting the New Film

We just concluded a day of shooting for the new film “America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age” in Lewiston, Maine. What a joy it was to be back again with our crew: Ramsey, Phil, Tom, Jayson, Lesley, and Andrea…and, of course, my executive producer, Terri, without whom nothing happens. Let’s be clear, no […]

My Meeting with Tom Sawyer

“TOM!” No answer. “TOM!” No answer. “What’s gone with that boy, I wonder?” What you may not know is that that telling and appropriate phrase…the last sentence above…was not what Twain originally wrote. The original phrase was: “Where can that boy be, I wonder?” Page 1 of Tom Sawyer  in the hand of Mark Twain. […]

New documentary film celebrates the art of America’s Gilded Age

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, detail of the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial, 1897.  Courtesy of the Saint-Gaudens Memorial. Connecticut-based independent filmmakers Michael Maglaras and Terri Templeton of 217 Films announce a new film project – their seventh in ten years and their sixth “essay in film” – highlighting the arts of the American renaissance…what Mark Twain described as […]