The work of Michael Maglaras & Terri Templeton

Shooting the New Film


We just concluded a day of shooting for the new film “America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age” in Lewiston, Maine. What a joy it was to be back again with our crew: Ramsey, Phil, Tom, Jayson, Lesley, and Andrea…and, of course, my executive producer, Terri, without whom nothing happens. Let’s be clear, no film can be made without competent professionals behind the scenes, and I have been blessed as a director with the best. When I arrive on the set, we are ready to shoot, and each member of my crew is always there with helpful suggestions and a spirit of “we can get the job done.” The director gets the credit, of course (and thankfully the blame), but a good crew is worth its weight in gold…and today as I view the rushes…gold is what we have.

Professor David Lubin

Also a joy for me was to engage in five hours of conversation with Professor David Lubin of Wake Forest University, who is an acknowledged thought leader in the history of art, film, and popular culture. Today as I look at David’s footage and realize the place it will occupy in this new film about the magnificence of the art of America’s Gilded Age, I am reminded that that age was an age of giants…in the arts and in business. David’s comments in this film will be informative and inspiring, and will remind us that in 2016 we live each day of our lives in the cultural remembrance of America’s Renaissance.

It was a good shoot and a good day. I learned something from David Lubin. I learned something from my crew (which I always do). What I’ve learned you’ll see on the screen this December. This film will feature the only known footage of Mark Twain. Unfortunately, an Edison wax cylinder containing a recording of his voice from the same year was lost. Trust me when I tell you…as you watch Mark Twain walk, you cannot help but hear the sound of his voice.

– Michael Maglaras

Getting two cameras ready for the medium and close shots

Director of Photography Phil Cormier
looking at his work

Behind the Scenes