The work of Michael Maglaras & Terri Templeton

America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age

Director’s Statement By Michael Maglaras View clips from America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age When I begin a film, I generally have a rough idea of how it will begin and how it will end. I’m usually not sure of much else, except the music I will use, since my films are constructed […]

World Premiere Screening: America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age

The Avenue in the Rain, 1917,Childe Hassam. Courtesy of the White House.     I’m delighted to announce that the world premiere screening of “America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age” will be held at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on January 20, 2017. Terri and I had been fielding inquiries for the premiere’s […]

Shooting the New Film

We just concluded a day of shooting for the new film “America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age” in Lewiston, Maine. What a joy it was to be back again with our crew: Ramsey, Phil, Tom, Jayson, Lesley, and Andrea…and, of course, my executive producer, Terri, without whom nothing happens. Let’s be clear, no […]

My Meeting with Tom Sawyer

“TOM!” No answer. “TOM!” No answer. “What’s gone with that boy, I wonder?” What you may not know is that that telling and appropriate phrase…the last sentence above…was not what Twain originally wrote. The original phrase was: “Where can that boy be, I wonder?” Page 1 of Tom Sawyer  in the hand of Mark Twain. […]

New documentary film celebrates the art of America’s Gilded Age

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, detail of the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial, 1897.  Courtesy of the Saint-Gaudens Memorial. Connecticut-based independent filmmakers Michael Maglaras and Terri Templeton of 217 Films announce a new film project – their seventh in ten years and their sixth “essay in film” – highlighting the arts of the American renaissance…what Mark Twain described as […]