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John Marin on the Rise


“Marin, you are a mighty fine fellow, but do you know your job as well as those old boys did, and will your stuff last as long?”
~ John Marin, 1936

Terry Teachout writes about why he thinks John Marin so often gets the “John who?” treatment, and notes “Mr. Marin’s stock appears at long last to be on the rise.”

Wall Street Journal
How a Great American Artist Vanished From the Critical Scope

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Whatever happened to John Marin?

Discover more about American master John Marin in 217 Films‘ latest essay on film “John Marin: Let the Paint be Paint!

View clips from the film at this link.

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In addition to paintings and photographs, “John Marin: Let the Paint be Paint!features extensive footage of Marin at work that has been rarely seen. Written, directed, and narrated by Michael Maglaras.

Painting above: Courtesy of Colby College Museum of Art, gift of John Marin Jr. and Norma B. Marin: “From Seeing Cape Split” by John Marin, 1935, oil on canvas, 23 by 29.5 inches.

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