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We believe American art is something everyone should see for themselves. Through film, we tell stories that expand our understanding of the American artistic tradition and its impact on our everyday lives. 

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Civilisation and America

In Maglaras’s experienced hands, Kenneth Clark’s original treatment of art and its foundational relationship to human striving is dramatically updated with powerful images of a mid-century America in profound societal disarray.” – ARTES Magazine

America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age

“Mesmerizing and wondrous.” – Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

“A brilliant, creative combination of sounds and images… this film is a tour de force.” – ARTES Magazine

Enough to Live on: The Arts of the WPA

“Maglaras and Templeton’s work is comparable to that of the widely acclaimed Ken Burns.” – New Britain Herald

“A wonderful celebration of America, her people, and her possibilities.” – The Blue Paper

The Great Confusion: The 1913 Armory Show

“An excellent analysis of an event that changed the art world.” – Library Journal 

“An eye-opening film.” – Daily Press

O Brother Man: The Art and Life of Lynd Ward

“Magnificent.” – SiriusXM

“A beautiful introduction to Ward and his work…unforgettable.” – Journal of American History

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