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Cleophas and His Own: A Little Background…


It has been four years since Cleophas and His Own first premiered in Marsden Hartley’s hometown of Lewiston, Maine on June 22, 2005. Since that time, this film has toured the United States to critical acclaim. It is with great pleasure that we bring this film to Halifax, Nova Scotia on Thursday, October 8. Read about this special screening at this link. Can’t make it to the screeing? Purchase the DVD HERE.

Early in the fall of 1935 Marsden Hartley met the Francis and Martha Mason family. He had traveled to Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, in search of a friend, whom he could not locate. After a short time there, he moved to nearby Blue Rocks, where he met the Masons. In early November he moved to their home on East Point Island, across an inlet from Blue Rocks. Read more about the story at this link.

“…a must see…there’s an intimacy that Maglaras manages to achieve in his portrayal of Hartley that draws the audience into the film’s story…this a notable achievement.” (Joel Johnson, Wolf Moon Press Journal)

“Virtuoso filmmaking in a rare and beautiful hybrid…’Cleophas and His Own’ holds the viewer spellbound from start to finish.” (Peggy Parsons, Director of Film, National Gallery of Art)

“There’s no film like it.” (Prairie Miller, WBAI New York City)

“Cleophas and His Own is a superb piece of devotional art…be prepared to savor the experience.” (Edgar Allen Beem, The Forecaster) READ THE FULL REVIEW

“Hypnotic…this haunting film illuminates Hartley’s life and work with a nearly Bergman-like gravitas.” (Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee) READ THE FULL REVIEW

“Maglaras is mesmerizing as Hartley. ‘Cleophas and His Own’ channels the artist’s passion and suffering-and vision-with remarkable grace and drama, heightening our appreciation of the painter, writer, and man.” (Carl Little, Art New England)

“a penetrating performance of understated intensity…a passionately rendered ode…” (Jason Gargano, CityBeat) READ THE FULL REVIEW

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