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“Civilisation and America” Virtual Premiere at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.


“Civilisation and America”: A New Film by Michael Maglaras Has Virtual Premiere This Week at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
Connecticut-based independent filmmaker Michael Maglaras of 217 Films announces with pleasure that, beginning today, his new film “Civilisation and America” – celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first American public television broadcast of Lord Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation” – is having its virtual premiere through the auspices of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
“It’s fitting that the American premiere of this film should take place at the NGA,” said Maglaras. “For it was the then NGA director J. Carter Brown who first had the vision of screening all thirteen episodes of this monumental and groundbreaking BBC television series at the National Gallery of Art in 1969.”
Lord Kenneth Mackenzie Clark (1903-1983) was an eminent scholar, writer, arts administrator, television executive, and one of the foremost lecturers and thinkers of his time. For Americans, he is best remembered for his monumental achievement “Civilisation.”
“Civilisation and America” features significant footage from the original BBC TV series, as well as interviews with Lord Clark, James Stourton, and most notably extensive interview footage with Sir David Attenborough, who gave Clark the platform he needed at the BBC to create what is arguably the finest film series on Western culture ever produced.
James Stourton, the eminent English writer and the author of the definitive biography of Lord Clark, has said, “The NGA is the perfect place for the American virtual premiere of Michael’s wonderful film. His film is magical and captures the essence of Clark’s finest visual achievement.”
Peggy Parsons, Director of Film at the National Gallery, has called Michael Maglaras’s films “virtuoso filmmaking.”
Viewers can connect with this free virtual screening through August 24 at: https://www.nga.gov/calendar/film-programs/spring-2021/civilisation-america.html
Terri Templeton, Executive Producer of 217 Films added, “This film celebrates and honors one of the great communicators of the 20th century, Lord Kenneth Clark. We were happy to have the cooperation and involvement of the BBC and the Clark estate, and we are most grateful for their kind assistance.”
217 Films Website:  www.two17films.com

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