The work of Michael Maglaras & Terri Templeton

Maine Film Premiere — Enough to Live On: The Arts of the WPA

On Thursday, October 8, independent filmmakers Michael Maglaras and Terri Templeton of 217 Films return to Portland with the Maine premiere of their new film “Enough to Live On:The Arts of the WPA” celebrating the 80th anniversary of this epic undertaking…a celebration of President Franklin Roosevelt’s idea that the arts in America could be a […]

Director’s Statement – Enough to Live On: The Arts of the WPA

By Michael Maglaras Eighty years ago in 1935, as we were in the middle of the Great American Depression, many people asked whether America’s best days were behind her. From time to time, as I am stunned by what I see and read in so much of today’s news, I ask that same question, as […]