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American Fine Art Magazine interviews Filmmaker Michael Maglaras


Courtesy American Fine Art Magazine
Follow this link to read the full interview with filmmaker Michael Maglaras in the July/August 2014 issue of American Fine Art Magazine.
Excerpt from the interview:
“There are multiple lessons in the Armory Show. The first lesson:  art can’t and should never be tepid. It should engage, inspire, irritate, provoke. Second lesson: we should understand the Armory Show was all about the right art at the right place at the right time. America in 1913 was at the beginning of its ascendancy in culture, politics, transportation, and God knows in war,” Maglaras says. “To the extent that we feel we have lost a little bit of that ascendency, or that our culture is not what it was, we can look back on the two world events of 1913: the premiere of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and then the Armory Show. These two events changed forever the way we see the arts. And one of them happened here.”  
~ Michael Maglaras 
Discover more about Michael Maglaras’s film “The Great Confusion:  The 1913 Armory Show” at this link.   
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