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Originally trained as an opera singer in the United States and Europe, Michael Maglaras performed widely as a singer and opera director.

He is now the Principal of a well-respected international risk management and insurance consulting firm headquartered in Ashford, Connecticut.

In 2001, he started 217 Records, specializing in alternative rock, jazz, and spoken word recordings, including a complete recording of Longfellow's "The Song of Hiawatha", produced in honor of the Longfellow bicentennial in 2007.

He founded 217 Films in 2003 with the aim of introducing a new audience to the rich history of the art of the American experience.

His first project was a film about the American painter Marsden Hartley called "Cleophas and His Own" and based on a forgotten personal narrative by that iconic and seminal Modernist.

Since then, he has produced the first ever documentary film about Hartley, entitled "Visible Silence: Marsden Hartley, Painter and Poet" which was followed closely by the first feature-length documentary about Hartley's contemporary and friend, the painter John Marin, entitled "Let the Paint be Paint."

In 2012, he released a film about the father of the American graphic novel Lynd Ward, titled "O Brother Man: The Art and Life of Lynd Ward." A film celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Armory Show, "The Great Confusion: The 1913 Armory Show" was next released in September 2013.

His sixth film, titled "Enough to Live On: The Art of the WPA" was released in May 2015 honoring the 80th anniversary of the Federal Art Project under Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.

In January 2017, his new film titled "America Rising: The Arts of the Gilded Age" was released. This film highlights the arts of the American renaissance...what Mark Twain described as "The Gilded Age."

In 2019, he will release "Civilisation and America: The 50th Anniversary." This film highlights the impact that Lord Kenneth Clark's epic thirteen-part BBC television series Civilisation had on America and Americans in 1969.

Michael Maglaras has been called a "film maker of nearly Bergman-like gravitas" (Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee). Scott Whipple wrote in the New Britain Herald "Maglaras and Templeton's work is comparable to that of the widely acclaimed Ken Burns." He has recently been featured in a full-length interview on "Conversations from Penn State" on Public Television.

templeton, terri Terri Templeton is executive producer of 217 Films and 217 Records.

She has been performing professionally since the age of 16, as musician, singer, songwriter, and actress. Lena Spenser, founder of the renowned Caffe Lena, offered Terri her first solo seat before an intimate concert audience, upstairs at the Caffe, where the likes of Bob Dylan, Patty Larkin, Sonny Matthews, Mississippi John Hurt and Tom Paxton had sat before her. Since that time, she has continued to develop a career characterized by a loyal and dedicated following among both fellow artists and fans who appreciate the poetry of her performances.

From 1997 to 2000, Terri was a regular performer with the Cincinnati-based, Virgin / Back Porch artists Over the Rhine, and can be heard on their Virgin / Back Porch recording "Films for Radio". She toured with Cowboy Junkies throughout their 1998 "Miles from Our Home" tour, and has performed as well with such artists as Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Michelle Malone, multi-media artist and composer Jay Bolotin, and NYC experimental composer/bassist Chris Dahlgren. Terri appears on David Greenberger's 2001 Duplex Planet release "Ernie: Songs of Ernest Noyes Brookings" as a contributing songwriter and performer. Her song "Walk with Me" appears in the HBO and Cinemax feature film "Mixing Nia" by Spike Lee Award winner and NYC film director Alison Swan. Since 2001, she has released three solo CDs. More at

If you'd like to learn more about the spoken word, jazz, and alternative rock recording projects of 217 Records, the sister company of 217 Films, click here.

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