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"A work of art is full of perhapses and maybesos. Where the perhapses are found, something has to be done about it. And since art deals wtih the perhapses and maybesos, and why not call it the consummate science...which gets its perfection from seemingly imperfection."

- John Marin

Michael Maglaras's third film about American Modernism is "John Marin: Let the Paint Be Paint!" Using more than 70 watercolors, oils paintings, drawings, and etchings by the American master John Marin, Michael Maglaras takes us on a journey from Marin's first representational work as an architectural student in the 1890s, to the point, late in his life, when he pushes representational painting to the very edge of Abstraction and beyond. "Let the Paint Be Paint!" is an homage...but just as importantly, it is the first documentary film made on the life of this important American painter. For it is John Marin who is quite rightly perceived and considered to be the father of Abstract Expressionism. It's a title he would not have accepted gladly...but what's clear is that Marin spent his entire life pushing the limits of human expression and creating works of great joy and communicative resonance. Drawing on archival sources to enhance his narrative, as well as works from a number of national collections...and most importantly from the private collections of Marin family members...Michael Maglaras creates a permanent and important statement on the importance of this supremely creative American genius.

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